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Pass on your assets and preserve them for future generations or charities.

Trusts made in your lifetime or as part of your Will can be a tax efficient way of transferring assets and preserving them for the benefit of your loved ones or charities.

Creating a trust during your lifetime as part of your Will is an established way to plan the transfer and preserve your wealth for future generations and/or good causes.

ZEDRA’s experienced team has the necessary expertise to:

  • Deal with all aspects of trust creation including the drafting of various types of trust deed.
  • Act as the professional trustee named in the trust deed either in your lifetime or on death
  • Assist those already acting as a trustee.

Our Services

  • A free consultation to understand your requirements, either by telephone or during a face-to-face meeting, following which a price quote will be provided for preparing your trust deed and for the ongoing management of the trust.
  • Arranging the transfer of the assets to your trust.
  • Assisting other trustees with any part of the management of a trust.
The ongoing management of your trust includes:
  • The appointment of an investment manager and monitoring their performance.
  • Making distributions to beneficiaries.
  • Annual trust accounts and tax returns.

Trusts are flexible and can be used for many different purposes.

By allowing you to:

  • Protect your wealth so it can benefit future generations (children or grandchildren).
  • Avoid the transfer of large sums of money direct to loved ones but allow them to benefit from funds for specified purposes.
  • To provide for minors should something happen to parents.
  • To provide for vulnerable persons.
  • As part of tax planning.
  • As part of a plan for charitable giving.
  • To receive compensation from personal injury.

Start preparing your trust today or seek assistance as a trustee.

Our team of experts is on hand to answer any specific queries. Please send us an e-mail to or call us on 01565 748 808.

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